Buried in my Inbox

I cleaned out my current email inbox yesterday and today, from over 80 messages down to less than 10. Unfortunately, I’ve still got 35 messages in my former email program from April of ‘03 to spring of ‘05. I read email in the morning, when I snatch a few moments here and there, or at night, when I’m tired and want to watch TV or read my book. Email is reading and writing. These require an awake brain, so I’m better mid-day than I am at either end. I have to continually remind myself of an acronym for handling email I learned at my former job, DRAFS:

D: Delete. Do you really need to keep this info?
R: Reply, then delete.
A: Act. Get up and do something, like transfer the information somewhere else, or call someone.
F: Forward. Be sparing and thoughtful. If it sounds like an urban myth, check www.snopes.com first.
S: Save information that want to refer to later but don’t need to do anything about now.

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