Slings and Arrows Season 2

Slings and Arrows complete collection

A long-ago recommendation from Mental Multivitamin, Slings and Arrows is a Canadian television series about a Shakespeare company that’s led by a former mental patient who’s being haunted (or is he?) by the ghost of the former director. It’s a wacky ensemble piece in which each season centers around the production of one main play. Season One was Hamlet, Season 2 was Macbeth (aka the Scottish Play, yanno). Like my friend at MMv, my husband got me season 1 on DVD, which we enjoyed, but when we went to get season 2, it was cheaper to get the complete series of all three, which came with better extras. So we thought season 1 was so nice, we bought it twice. Then perhaps enjoyed Season 2 perhaps even more than Season 1. At only 6 hour-minus-commercials-long episodes per season, it is a lot of delight in a short amount of time. Its a great blend of funny, sad, bitter and sweet. Rather like the Bard’s own work.

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  1. Steph Says:

    Have you seen Downton Abbey? Tony and I just started watching it on Netflix and it similarly very good even though it’s a short run. I haven’t seen Slings & Arrows, but my suspicion is that if you like one you’ll like the other. I’m going to put this one on our queue.