Fall 2007 TV: Sophomoric Slumps

There were some disappointments in the second week of the new fall television season. How I Met Your Mother ’s funniest moments were jokes about New Jersey, which is too easy a target. Heroes has too many bad story lines to maintain momentum for any good ones. Bionic Woman had stilted dialogue and dreadfully trite storylines for Jaime, both on the job and with her sister. Even the scenes with Katee Sackhoff were dull, though “I was hacked” is an intriguing plot thread. I am probably going to give this show one more episode. And Top Chef irked me with its gimmicky, worthless live bits.

I didn’t have time to watch Bones, Reaper, Life, or Dirty Sexy Money, but I’m afraid to risk the time on them. Maureen Ryan didn’t like Reaper, so I’ll probably skip it. Any other advice?

High points were the bittersweet premier of Aliens in America, House and his new crew, Dale’s comeback and near win on Top Chef, the return of 30 Rock with Alec Baldwin’s new reality show, and Creed’s new hair and jargon at the Office.

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