What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway: Clothes

For a long weekend, I want to pack light and not check bags, but I don’t want to wear the same things. I want to look nice when I go out, but want to be comfortable walking around. Here’s a theoretical mix-n-match shopping list (for the store or from your closet), all from Target for us budget babes:

Walking shoes: Dress boots:
Skirt: Pant:
Midrise Dark Wash Jean: Midrise Dark Jean
Blouse: Blouse
Sweater: Sweater
Long-sleeve T-shirt: Tee
Fitted Blazer: Blazer
Trench Coat: Trench Coat

And to round things out, the basics:

Opaque tights
Bras: two
Socks: three
Underwear: three

Coming Soon (I hope): Toiletries, and how to follow the TSA guidelines!

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