Persuasion (2007)

I enjoyed the new version of Persuasion on PBS last weekend. It kicked off The Complete Jane Austen. My enjoyment, though, may be because it’s been some time since I’ve read the book. Additionally, I never saw the 1995 version that many book bloggers, like Book Moot, champion. I thought Sally Hawkins was realistically pretty. And while Rupert Penry-Jones can’t really be called realistically handsome, I am able to overlook that in an Austen leading man. Heh heh. The story was shrunk very small to fit into 90 minutes. I didn’t care for Anne Elliott’s meaningful looks to the camera. I did very much enjoy Anthony Head’s turn as Anne’s vain father, though.

I plan to seek out the 1995 version after I’ve re-read the novel, most likely in the summer, when PBS’s spring of Jane has finished.

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