Optical Delusion

Every few years, I come up with a perfectly valid and defendable reason for getting new glasses. Last time it was that my prescription had changed. This time it was because 2yo Guppy had broken both my best pair and backup pair. I got both repaired, but decided to visit the optician to get a sturdier, around-the-house frame. My current “best” pair were still great for when I go out or am among only adults , so I didn’t need anything special.

There’s nothing, however, guaranteed to show how shabby and out of date and just plain uncool the glasses I got five+ years ago are than going shopping. A new, inexpensive pair of beater frames for backup? Nice try; forget it. Once the current frames have been seen and tried, the result is always the same. I ordered a new, expensive, albeit sturdier, pair that will be my new go-tos, and that (I hope) Guppy can’t punch or dismantle into submission.

Fortunately, we have eyecare benefits and a pre-tax health account, both of which make this just a bit more justifiable.

A bit.

So, in a few days, I’ll be sporting these in olive green. Coach Abbi

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