Tonight on TCM: “Our Man in Havana”

As part of a spy-themed night, Turner Classic Movies is showing Our Man in Havana tonight in the US at 10pm EST. It’s based on the novel by Graham Greene (the author of The Quiet American). It’s not available on DVD in the US, so this is a rare opportunity to see it. (Link from Laurel’s TV Picks.)

2 Responses to “Tonight on TCM: “Our Man in Havana””

  1. Sarah @ pussreboots Says:

    Our Man in Havana is my favorite Carol Reed / Graham Greene collaboration. If it is ever available on DVD here in the States, I’m snatching a copy for myself. If I had cable, I’d be watching tonight. Graham Greene’s short story is on my TBR list for June.

  2. SFP Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. If I can stay awake that long I’m going to watch. I’m hoping to get around to the Greene before too awfully long and then take another look at Tree of Smoke (sans the Houston brothers sections–once was enough for those).