According to Tim

Project Runway Season 5 starts tonight on US television. This is the show’s last season on Bravo, and the network is acting rather pouty; Bravo did hardly any marketing for the season, then dumped a ton of info at their site a few days ago, including a list of the challenges and guest judges. Part of the joy of watching has been the weekly surprise of what the challenge is, and who will be sitting with judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum.

So while Bravo is messing with the marketing, mentor Tim Gunn talked to Time magazine and answered some questions. My favorite comments:

Pear-shaped women should make friends with their shoulders. Not wear shoulder pads, but rather avoid tanks and sleeveless tops. Wear things that cover the shoulder to visually balance the look from head to toe.

Worse shoe trend? Crocs–”they look like plastic hooves.”

And, finally, on the comfort excuse: “If you’re going to dress like you just got out of bed, please, stay in bed.”

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2 Responses to “According to Tim”

  1. Steph Says:

    Wow, PR5 is starting tonight?!? I had no idea. Granted, I don’t have cable tv, but I thought i might have heard some rumblings elsewhere around the internet. I blame poor marketing on Bravo’s part (I’ve had less than fuzzy feelings toward them since their purchase of Television Without Pity, but that’s a topic for a different comment).

    I did see a list of guest judges elsewhere (but still didn’t realize the season was starting so soon), but I’m going to avoid finding out about the challenges. The surprise element was always a fun part of every episode.

    Also, Tim Gunn always hits it out of the park with his fashion advice. Boo to all the Crocs and leggings lovers. Crocs are not shoes, and leggings are not pants!

  2. Sydney Says:

    Love Tim. He is so gentle in his advisory role as fashion maven. I loved TG’s Guide to Style, though disliked his vampy co-host. Did they cancel that show?