Project Runway Season 5 Episode 1

The return of Project Runway, and was it me, or did Bravo run it an hour earlier (9pm Eastern, 8pm Central) to further confound fans?

A few observations. Suede has a silly name, freaked out at a challenge that had been done before, and refers to himself in the third person. Two contestants from my city of origin, Columbus, Ohio? Will someone tell Blayne that tanning is a bad idea that he’s going to regret in a very few years, and ask him if he has allergies or a coke habit. The two runners up last night did not look like gracious winners. I thought the mop top, the paper-towel dress and the pasta skirt should have gotten more love. I love how Austin Scarlett celebrates his femme-y self. All three of the losing dresses deserved their drubbing. Last night I questioned the judges’ decision and thought the goth trashbag was the loser. Looking more closely this morning, I am still horrified by Blayne’s whatever-it-was. Reviewing the serial killer/nurse outfit this morning, I applaud the judges’ decision.

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2 Responses to “Project Runway Season 5 Episode 1”

  1. Kate Says:

    We are currently on the same page–I also thought the tanning guy might have some sort of cocaine habit, and pointed it out to my husband! I liked pasta skirt and the mop top. I would have been fine with any of the bottom three losing.

    It’s so hard to tell who is who at the beginning, and the editing always gives away (necessarily, at this point, probably) who will be in the top and bottom. It does feel weird to be watching this so soon after last season and with all of the conflict about where it will be and who will be on it.

  2. Steph Says:

    I just got to see this episode last night. By and large, despite Tim Gunn’s claims, I am wary of just how talented this season’s contestants really are. Most of the designs seemed really derivative (or just plain bad), and the profundity of table cloths was, in my opinion, unacceptable. Have none of these people seen Season 1? The fact that Stella chose trash bags (when that was raked over the coals the first time this challenge was offered… and didn’t Daniel Franco lose for that look?), is mind boggling. The entire m.o. of the challenge was to be innovative, and clearly one was better off trying to choose something organic (or at least not a cheap fabric substitute). Gah!

    Also, I really think the dude who was eliminated really had to go, because I actually think his outfit was possibly the worst thing this show has ever seen (including some unfinished pieces!). It was truly horrendous, and there was not one good thing about it. And his bizarre pride in having used a shower curtain as a raincoat was, well, bizzare!

    Not sure whom I’m rooting for at this point. This felt like a lackluster kickoff to the season, especially given the recycled challenge. Hopefully it picks up and some designers begin to separate themselves from the pack in a good way!