Project Runway Season 5, episode 4

I’m really enjoying Season 5. Last season it was pretty clear from the get go who the final three were going to be, and they were so talented that something of the joy of competition for a supposedly amateur prize got lost. This season, though, has a mad mix of personalities, from “leathuh”-lovin’ Stella to 3rd-person using Suede. The judges are so bitchy they sound like they might have been at the bar just before coming to judge’s table. Perhaps my only complaint is that Bravo has thrown in the towel with its marketing, spoiling all the surprises of what the challenge and who the guest judge is going to be, both on its site and in the previews.

Last night’s Olympic challenge was a nice variation on the ice skating challenge from season 1. Only Joe seemed to realize he was designing for people with muscles, but he still came in third, after Korto’s striking white outfit and Terri’s impressive, though boob-squashing, three-piece stunner.

Jennifer’s choice was baffling. She keeps saying she’s a surrealist, but I didn’t see it at all. Like Daniel’s, her outfit looked vintage, not modern, and definitely not sporty. Daniel is a pouty, anxious (remember Daniel Franco?) guy who I hope goes soon. Blayne really needs a smack upside the head about the dangers of tanning. He’s going to look 23 going on 45 sooner than he imagines. Terri, LeeAnne and Korto are the ones to watch, I think. And if Joe couldn’t win last night’s challenge, after insisting again and again that he would, he should just go home.

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5 Responses to “Project Runway Season 5, episode 4”

  1. Steph Says:

    I’ve actually felt that this season of Project Runway has been very derivative in terms of the challenges, which has detracted a bit from my enjoyment. Also, I am annoyed by most of the competitors, many of whom I feel were cast on the basis of personality moreso than actual potential/talent. I am not sure why so many designers really appeared to miss the mark on last night’s challenge - very few seemed to consider what it would be appropriate for an athlete to wear. Once again, I feel like this is yet another challenge that many former contestants would have (or did) rocked, and yet this season’s offerings are consistently underwhelming or completely off the mark. At this point in a season, I’d normally have a few people I might be rooting for, but so far, I’m still trying to learn all the names (rather than just referring to everyone by my own nicknames “Leather Lady”, “Orange Dude”, “Suede” (ok, that one’s correct, but still!)).

  2. Steph Says:

    Oh, I also forgot to mention that while the athleticism of the challenge reminded me a bit of the wrestling challenge of last season or the ice skating one from season 1, it also gave me strong “Postal Service” challenge flashbacks as well.

    Also, I’m glad you also noticed the uncomfortable boobage issues on Terri’s outfit. I was hurting just looking at that top come down the runway. I’m surprised the judges didn’t comment on that (or perhaps they did, but it was edited out to make it clear that Terri was a top contender…. no pun intended). The girl who was eliminated really needed to go, and I was unsurprised when she was booted. After her matronly mess last week, there was no way they’d let her slip through again. Maybe if she had used red striped material instead of yellow she would have eked through, but then again, maybe not.

  3. ChristineMM Says:

    How did I not know season 5 was underway?????

    My TiVo’s three thumbs-up rating has let me down. I was out of the loop.

    AHHH! Must go get that season pass and record past episodes. And not read related blog posts lest I read a spoiler!!!

  4. girldetective Says:

    Christine, Bravo has done a terrible job of marketing this season, since this is the last before the show jumps to Lifetime. It switched times, and also doesn’t do the same rerunning schedule. Bravo is bitter, I think.

  5. ChristineMM Says:

    Oh I didn’t know the show was moving to Lifetime. I am really out of the entertainment news loop I guess. LOL.