Casino Royale (2006)

In anticipation of November’s cumbersomely titled Quantum of Solace, my husband G. Grod and I revisited the James Bond reboot, Casino Royale. Like the Bourne movies and The Dark Knight, Casino is both well done and entertaining, with a dark, complex, brooding main character. At over two hours, it’s too long; the poker scenes go on. And on. But it’s that rare action movie that has brains to back up its brawn.

The opening credits for Casino Royale and AMC’s Mad Men are strikingly similar, with their heroes in silhouette. They were not done by the same people. Casino Royale’s was done by Daniel Kleinman, for UK-based Framestore CFC. Mad Men’s opening sequence was designed by Mark Gardner and Steve Fuller of design firm, Imaginary Forces.

2 Responses to “Casino Royale (2006)”

  1. Becca Says:

    Guess they couldn’t get “S**tload of Ungent” past the censors.

    “Rural Juror”, anyone?

  2. v Says:

    That was next on the list of library DVD requests, ever since reading that the next movie takes up minutes after that one ends.

    The library DVDs work quite well, especially with a branch now within walking distance again. So thanks for the heads-up. Last three viewed: V for Vendetta, Reds and the Bourne Supremacy.