October Book Stack

October Book Stack The usual disclaimer about how I obviously can’t stop shopping for books. From Half Price Books, St. Louis Park MN, 25 October 2008:

Rise Against Siren Song of the Counter Culture CD (for 5yo Drake)

Persuasion and Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
(all for me. I buy multiple copies to get different introductions and footnotes, since many of my current copies are footnote-free.)
James and the Giant Peach
by Roald Dahl (for G. Grod. I don’t remember liking this one.)

The Yellow Admiral, The Wine-Dark Sea and The Truelove by Patrick O’Brian (all for G. Grod, who is working his way through the series)

Happy Halloween, Curious George!

(for Drake and Guppy, of course.)
Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human
by Harold Bloom (nod to Mental Multivitamin for finally “talking” me into Harold Bloom) (me)

. RIP David Foster Wallace (G. Grod)

Bonus points to anyone who can correctly identify which item(s) are for which member of the family, Me, husband G. Grod, 5yo Drake and 2yo Guppy. Edited to add links. Edited to add answers.

4 Responses to “October Book Stack”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I would say:

    Girl Detective: the CD, the Austen, the Foster Wallace, and the Bloom.

    Grod: The O’Brian

    Drake: James and the Giant Peach

    Guppy: Curious George

  2. Natasha @ Maw Books Says:

    I love book photos. I hit up a library sale this past month and came home with a ton of new books.

  3. girldetective Says:

    Jeff, thanks so much for playing! 5 of 7 correct, so I’d give you a case of Turtle Wax if we were on The Price is Right. To be fair, a few of the items have permeable membranes.

  4. Steph Says:

    My guesses are similar to Jeff’s only, I’d put the Foster Wallace under the G. Grod category (and possibly the cd too, only I’m less certain of that).

    I am confused though, because I know you own all of Austen’s novels, so I’m not sure why you’ve bought yourself duplicates of Persuasion and Mansfield Park…

    (On a related note, I also splurged at a used bookstore this weekend only my stack is much larger, and is only being split (unevenly) across two people… I think I have enough unread material on my shelves now to last me at least until 2010!).