Comforting Things

I hope I’m not in need of comfort as the election results roll in tonight here in the US, but just in case, a few things that shore up my soul in times of trouble:

Big, fat novels, re-reading favorite novels or novels by Jane Austen. (These aren’t mutually exclusive, I know.)
Flannel sheets and fluffy duvet over cushy chenille mattress pad over firm mattress, with puffy propping pillows for reading.
Being surrounded by books, in my bedroom, a bookstore or a library.
TV procedurals with character development. People to get involved with, formulas, and a tidy ending. So satisfying.
Oversize flannel or fuzzy pajamas.
Cookies, pie and cake.

3 Responses to “Comforting Things”

  1. Amy Says:

    You really should take up knitting. Very comforting.

  2. Steph Says:

    Yes to all of the above. Also? Alcohol. Or at the very least, a nice big mug of cocoa or tea. ;)

  3. Sydney Says:

    How bout FAMILY, you introverted recluse? Shheeeshhh! What does a sister have to do to get some CRED???