“100 Bullets v. 12: Dirty”

Like Ex Machina, 100 Bullets by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is another comic I stopped buying monthly and instead get the graphic novel collections. That didn’t help me much with “Dirty“, though.

There was not a unifying story to this group of issues, and it felt very “been there, done that” with this series: blood, violence, sex, death. All of which can be powerful forces when used carefully in telling a story. Here, though, it feels like they’re being tossed up to meet a deadline, or fill in issues as the series moves to its conclusion. I really enjoyed this series, and thought it was a great modern crime story. As it’s gone on, though, my appreciation has waned. Is it me, is it the series? I don’t know. I’ll read till the end, and hope the creators are able to pull things together in a satisfying way. “Dirty” though, is an apt description of a weak entry in a once-strong series.

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