Instead of Coal in the Stocking

“Smoke up, Johnny!”

As an antidote to yesterday’s lovely article on gift giving to children, the Onion AV Club has “Fifteen Terrible Presents in TV and film

My worst gift was from my well-meaning dad. I was sixteen and he got me an emergency CB radio for the car if I broke down. He was trying to keep me safe; I wanted a red-striped shirt from the Limited. Ah, youth.

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One Response to “Instead of Coal in the Stocking”

  1. Becca Says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one horrible gift, but certainly one of the Top Five has to be the year my mother wrapped up a bunch of old grease-covered spatulas and other kitchen tools and gave them to me. (I think she and my dad were purging junk from the kitchen.) I refused to accept them, and she said, “Fine, I’ll just give them to somebody else!”

    To whomever that somebody was, I apologize.