Good Problems to Have

I’m behind. In blogging, especially about books and movies. In responding to email, especially the comments on this blog, though I read and appreciate them all. (OK, not the mean or crazy ones. Or the Russian spam.) In cleaning my house. Doing my laundry, especially the new clothing from Christmas.

But since I’m having a moment of perspective, I think these are good problems to have. I’m seeing more movies and books than I can write about. I’m receiving more email than I’m able to respond to. I have a house, albeit a drafty one, that I can neglect for a bit. I have warm new clothes for me and my boys.

I’m working my way back out of the holiday hole. More posts and replies to comments to come, I hope. May all your problems have positive flip sides.

3 Responses to “Good Problems to Have”

  1. Vince Tuss Says:

    Wait until “Battlestar” starts up again Jan. 16.

  2. girldetective Says:

    Oh, yes, another thing I’m behind on, watching cool online things like the BG miniseries at sci fi, and the newsradio eps that sepinwall keeps posting.

  3. Kate Says:

    I love to hear this positivity from you….twice in two days.