Hey, Wake Up!

April’s In Style magazine has “Ten Ways to Wake Up Beautiful“, a surprisingly simple list of tips to wake looking and feeling better. For example: Wash your face early in the evening, rather than later. Sleep on your back, with your head elevated. Have more protein and fewer carbs at dinner. The article includes brief explanations and the complete list, and falls into the “can’t hurt/might help/why not?” category for me. (Link at MSN Lifestyle)

One Response to “Hey, Wake Up!”

  1. Kate Says:

    I swear, I’m not making fun, but I thought the idea of waking up and feeling “batter” was hysterical. Like, start cookies the night before, and then you can wake up and feel the batter with your hands. I don’t know, it struck me as so very funny.

    Though I’d love to wake up beautiful right now, so I’ll give it a shot–I’ve been washing my face earlier and earlier, but mostly because I’ve been falling asleep watching tv earlier and earlier!