Michael Kors’s “Secrets” of Style

Top American designer Michael Kors shared a dozen pieces of style advice in “Secrets of Style for Right Now” from the April Issue of In Style magazine. It avoids the “r” word for the economy, but subtly advocates versatility and common sense for shopping in hard times. Tips include: Buy clothes that can be worn throughout the year. Beware indulgence on trends. Instead, focus on the best basics you can afford. If you splurge, do it on a sure thing like a great trench coat, or a fabulous item like gorgeous sandals that won’t get dated. Link to full text of article is from The Butlers Front Porch. If you’re able, try to get your hands on the magazine for the real article. The Kors items used to illustrate the points are striking and lovely.

One Response to “Michael Kors’s “Secrets” of Style”

  1. Kate Says:

    I am currently wearing an outfit I bought five years ago and have received complements so far today. Now, it is a maternity outfit, but I think the same idea holds true. Basic linen black capris with a tan top–with the addition of a pair of ballet slippers from Target (which update the look). Since all of my maternity clothes are five years old, I’ve been hyper aware of what looks dated and what has stayed -relatively- in style.