“The Wire” on DVD

or, I finally got got.

For years, I’ve heard what a great show The Wire was. It was so great the love for it was even parodied on Stuff White People Like. Anytime it was mentioned, someone was certain to say some variation on “You haven’t seen it? It’s great! You must!”

Since summer is mostly reruns, and since tv critic Alan Sepinwall is helpfully re-watching and posting about season 1 (last summer) and season 2 (this summer), and since my friend The Big Brain finally got his DVDs back from somebody else to lend to me, I started watching. The first episode was good, but it didn’t strike me as having the heroin-like addictive properties others had ascribed to it. So I watched the next episode, then the next. It was about episode three or four that I was hooked like everybody else. I’d come to love this crazy menage of complex characters.

Which made it all the more difficult when something bad happened last night to one of them (no spoilers here, I swear). But that didn’t stop me from wanting to blaze right into the next episode–I find it difficult to restrict myself to just one episode a night, since they’re almost a full hour long.

I’m two-thirds through season one, and I’m here to tell you: if you haven’t seen The Wire, it’s great. You must!

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