Fall 2009 Television

I found Entertainment Weekly’s 2009 Fall TV preview disappointing. What used to be a week-long analysis of what to see and what to skip was over after a quick perusal.

New shows I’ll be adding: Glee and Community.

Continuing and returning shows: Mad Men, House (ahem, a proper medical caduceus only has one snake. Two snakes is Mercury, and marketing), How I Met Your Mother, Top Chef, Project Runway, 30 Rock, Office, Parks & Rec (for now), and Dollhouse (for now).

I find myself a little embarrassed about how excited I am about the new season of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, a PBS show I actually like to watch with my kids.

One Response to “Fall 2009 Television”

  1. Steph Says:

    I haven’t made up my mind about Glee (I liked the pilot, but didn’t LOVE it as much as everyone else clearly did), but I’m on board for Community! I also want to try Flash Forward… Really, there wasn’t much I was all that excited for this new tv season.

    Returning shows I’m excited for (much the same as you): The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Dollhouse (I thought it really picked up at the end of the season, and we watched the unaired episode 13 on the dvd, and it was really great), The Amazing Race, Dexter, Top Chef, Project Runway (though I’m finding this season lackluster thus far), Greek, and 30 Rock.