It’s Not Easy Being Three

The other night, 6yo Drake and 3yo Guppy took forever to fall asleep. When I checked on them before I went to bed, this is what I found:

asleep in a mess

The bottom bunk is Guppy’s; they’d fallen asleep while reading comics. I tried to remove the comics, figuring I’d leave Drake there to sleep. Unfortunately, Guppy woke. Also unfortunately, he’s going through another bout of 3-related insanity.

“Get Drake out! Get him out! OUT!” Screaming. Crying. Thrashing.

I managed to nudge Drake to consciousness, then put him on the ladder; he climbed to the upper bunk on autopilot. Guppy finally stopped screaming. He tried to shove the rest of the comics out of his bed; I hastily removed them to safety, and went to my own bed. A few minutes later, I heard Guppy again:

“I don’t WANT these friends!” This announcement was followed by a number of thumps as he threw the stuffed animals from his bed.

A little while later I heard him get up and go to the bathroom, then nothing more. I thought he’d gone back to bed and finally settled, but when my husband G. Grod came to the top of the stairs, Guppy was in the door to his room. He took one look at G and started to wail. He’d been standing in the hall, silent, trying unsuccessfully to get his pajamas back on. G helped him into them, and escorted him to bed. As per his usual, he insisted on the light staying on. After about ten minutes, I checked on him. He was asleep, for good this time, and I turned out the light.

Things ejected from Guppy’s bed:

Brothers: 1
Stuffed animals: 16
Comic books: 37

One Response to “It’s Not Easy Being Three”

  1. Petunia Says:

    Occasionally I go through a bout of 34-related insanity. I feel his pain. Yours too.