Book Review by Paula Fox

At The New York Review of Books, author Paula Fox, on moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn:

The evening of the day we moved in, I made a quick supper. We sat at a table surrounded by stacked cartons that evoked in me a memory of Stonehenge, a cardboard one. The atmosphere at our table was a mix of hilarity and malaise. The neighborhood and the house felt alien. We had moved into a foreign city, a feeling shared by some of our friends in Manhattan in those years, and indeed still.

The piece is ostensibly a review of a reissue of a book by a former neighbor and friend of hers, L.J. Davis. Instead, it’s a beautifully written mini-memoir that happens to discuss the book. (Link from The Morning News)

I was stunned by the power of Fox’s writing when, as an adult, I read her Newbery Award winning Slave Dancer. Monkey Island and One-Eyed Cat were good, too. I have a few of her books on my to-read shelf, including her memoir.

Did you know she’s the biological grandmother of Courtney Love?

3 Responses to “Book Review by Paula Fox”

  1. Amy Says:

    Seriously? Courtney Love?

  2. girldetective Says:

    Fox had a baby as a young girl, and gave it up for adoption. That baby grew up to become the mother of Courtney Love.

  3. dawn Says:

    it’s been a few years, but i remember really enjoying her memoir. love her ya/middle grade work as well. -de