Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

#41 in my movie challenge for the year, and quite a departure from the previous film, Key Largo. Harold and Kumar is silly, fun, and knows its limits at under 90 minutes. It has been many years since I’ve had occasion to crave White Castle burgers, but I do remember how urgent those cravings always were. When I was in college, we had a local chain called Little Tavern, and a bag of Little T burgers never seemed as good an idea the morning after as it had the night before.

Both the leads are charming and one of the things that stands out about this comedy is that, without exception, all of the heroes are minorities, while all of the weirdo bad guys are not. It’s a refreshing turn, and one that I’m pleased did well at the box office. Plus, I’m sure this will go on to be a campus classic.

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