15 Books in 15 Days for 15 Blogs

Reposting with its own entry:

In honor of the woman profiled in the New York Times last year, who read a book a day for a year and blogged each one, I propose reading a book a day from your shelf starting Friday, April 16 (the day after US taxes are due, so you should have a little more time plus be in a frugal mindset) till April 30, 2010 and blogging a review, however brief, the next day, starting Saturday, the 17th.

I would post my entries the night before, so you could link each day starting the 17th in the comments, through May 1, 2010.

Does this sound good to anyone?

I’m afraid coming up with a logo, spreading the word far and wide, and setting up a group on a site like Good Reads is just too much for me, now, though I’m happy to take advice or help on these from more seasoned book challenge folks.

One Response to “15 Books in 15 Days for 15 Blogs”

  1. Kate Says:

    I don’t really blog about books much, but I’ll try to read and leave a comment on your reviews of what I’m reading. Doesn’t help with the 15 blogs part, but I’m in for 15 books!