Baroque Summer: Hold that Thought

As I thought might happen, given that I was traveling the past two weekends, and trying to finish Stieg Larsson’s Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, I wasn’t able to meet my first page goal for Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver.

I am aware that, as the instigator of this project, this is pretty lame of me. I apologize.

I’m only about 40 pages shy of 217, though. I’ll try to finish tonight so I can comment on it tomorrow. Will anyone be joining me?

4 Responses to “Baroque Summer: Hold that Thought”

  1. MFS Says:

    You inspired me to blow the dust off Quicksilver, and I have finished about 55 pages. It’s right up my alley, but it’s going to be a “project book” for me; in other words, I think I’ll do one book in 2010, one in 2011, one in 2012. Right now, I am also reading The Man Who Loved Children and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom; The Passage, The Imperfectionists, and The Shallows are en route; and I have a bookstack of reproach so large, Mr. M-mv bought me a bookcase to replace my nightstand. (I’m not kidding. He’s putting the finishing touches on it right now.)

    So if you’ll permit me, I’ll add my reading notes on Quicksilver to the comments as time/inclination allow, deal?

    Alan’s War was excellent, BTW. I’m almost certain I came by that by your recommendation.

    Best regards,


  2. girldetective Says:

    Melissa, good, I’m glad you’re going to read Quicksilver, at whatever pace. It IS a behemoth, though, and requires clearing other things out of the way. I took all books off my request list at the library, and will again try to not buy anything new, and only read additional books for my book groups. My friend Becca gave me a copy of The Man Who Loved Children (which Prose praised in Reading Like a Writer) a while ago, so I look forward to hearing about it from you. And John Warner, the Biblioracle at The Morning News, advised, based on the last five I’d read, that I should read Imperfectionists. So, our reading stacks have some parallels, as usual! Glad you liked Alan’s War–you had a post on painting that put it in mind for me.

  3. MFS Says:

    Argh! I put the following message under the wrong post. What a night!

    Pasting in the right spot:

    I posted a message earlier indicating that Mr. M-mv was finishing my shelves. Well, you can’t finish when one brace is snapped in half and the wood facade of another is splitting.

    heavy, heavy sigh

    My mistake, I know, was ordering from JCPenney. But, in my defense, they looked lovely onscreen, were on sale, and eligible for the coupon code I had. Needless to say my TBR stack of reproach is again, just that — a stack, well, several stacks.


  4. girldetective Says:

    M, I’m sure it’s not the first time that “mistake” and JCPenney were used in the same breath/sentence. My mom used to torture us as children by taking us to the JCPenney outlet and shopping for hours. Agony. I can’t go in one, today, still.