Reading Update

At bat: Madame Bovary for the reading at Nonsuch Books
On deck: John Jodzio’s If You Lived Here You’d Already Be Home for Books & Bars at the Aster on 10/26
In the hole: Villette by Charlotte Bronte for my book group
Next baseball metaphor here (help me out, readers, I’m NOT a baseball fan): re-read To Kill a Mockingbird and read Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, both for Books & Bars

6 Responses to “Reading Update”

  1. Amy Says:

    Can’t help you with the baseball, but just finished part one of Madame Bovary and am picking up my copy of the Jodzio tomorrow.

  2. carolyn Says:

    waiting in the dugout???? :)

  3. Audrey Says:

    I saw John Jodzio read a short story at the short story contest and I was smitten. Smitten, I say!

  4. girldetective Says:

    Audrey, I didn’t see you at B & B on Tues; G. Grod says to tell you you’re funny! Jodzio is going to be signing at the publisher’s table at the Book Fest tomorrow, so I hope to see him.

  5. Audrey Says:

    Who is G. Grod? I attend Books and Bars on a “when I feel like it” basis. And sometimes I don’t feel like it. But I’m halfway through Await Your Reply and I haven’t thrown it against the wall in frustration yet, so perhaps I will attend that discussion.

  6. girldetective Says:

    G is my husband, who follows you on twitter. I really enjoyed Await Your Reply, so hope you like it till the end.