Adventures in Comprehension

4yo Guppy had an activity at preschool last week called detective book. The students were to draw or try to write down the things they saw. Guppy has begun to connect reading to writing and spelling, so his book was filled with words. Some were easy to guess: RASCAR for racecar. HORT for heart (they’ve been studying the human body). BATMOBEYL (I don’t need to translate that, right?) FEMER BON for femur bone.

One perplexed both my husband G. Grod and me: COWED. Yes, it’s a word, but not a noun, and not one that made sense in context. At home, we asked him what he meant. He pointed to my computer, and slowly said, “COH-WUD.”

It took me a moment to realize what he meant. The power CORD. We laughed. Then I fretfully wondered: if he’s transcribing his sometimes still mushy speech patterns, perhaps it IS time to see a speech teacher.

Nah. Forget it. I love his mushy Rs.

One Response to “Adventures in Comprehension”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ha! I got nervous the other day when I heard D refer to a “cah,” dropping the r off of car. He never does that and I wondered where his r’s were going, and if we were in for another round of speech worry.

    Then I finally noticed the license plate on D’s new best friend’s car–Massachusetts.