Making Time: Holiday Edition

I’ve written before about about making time, and leaving things undone like cleaning and laundry so that reading and writing are priorities. I find myself especially taxed, every holiday season. The weather encourages me to stay in, hunker down and hibernate, yet the merry-go-round of events gets bigger all the time. Here, as I cram in a blog post, are a few ways I’ve found time over the holidays.

1. Fake tree.
2. Low expectations
3. Didn’t decorate the outside of house
4. Gift bags
5. Say no, especially if “should” and “want” conflict.
6. Read
7. Write

Overall, I’ve been mulling a mantra for a while now that I think I want to commit to: Do one fewer thing.

Try it. Delete something off the list, undone. Sweep it off the mental shelf it’s on. Just _don’t_ do it. Create a little breathing space. Then, breathe.

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