Layer Cake

#54 in my movie challenge for the year, Layer Cake is a stylish, clever gangster flick. Why is it that the English excel at this type of movie (e.g., Get Carter, The Long, Good Friday)? What is the American equivalent? Is it the mob epic, as my husband G. Grod suggests? Layer Cake has a likeable main character who, as per the formula, struggles with issues of character. The ending twists, turns, and doubles back in a satisfying ending that moves so quickly it defies prediction. Like most gangster films, though, Layer Cake feels nihilistic and a little soul-less. This is an engaging movie, but not one that prompts a great deal of inner thought.

One Response to “Layer Cake”

  1. duff. Says:

    not only a good movie, but a satisfying two hours watching daniel craig that beautiful boy. not many can pull off the white suit and still look sexy.