“Megamind” (2010)

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here in Minnesota, it’s pretty cold. Inexpensive, kid-friendly indoor activities are critical to surviving winter, so this weekend I took 4yo Guppy and 7yo Drake to see a bargain matinee of Megamind. Total for tickets and 2 popcorns: $11.50. Bonus, we went to the Riverview, so a great theater and real butter on what may be the best popcorn in town.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. Will Ferrell voices a blue guy super villain who has some troubles when things start going his way. Tina Fey is his love interest, Brad Pitt is his nemesis, and Jonah Hill plays the overweight schlubby guy. David Cross as Megamind’s Minion, a fish in a robotic gorilla suit, is really funny, as is the movie, which had me wondering what would happen once the set up was finished. I particularly enjoyed the use of ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” and the wink that Fey’s character, Roxanne, has a doorman named Carlton. Alas, Drake and Guppy were not as entertained as I was, and insisted on going to the lobby to the drinking fountain in the final scenes, then later declaring they hated the movie. Drake wouldn’t elaborate, but this usually means something scared him or creeped him out, then Guppy echoes Drake’s review and voila, we’ve got hate.

Movies are like food; I never know when the kids are going to like, love or loathe something. But I try to enjoy it when things go well, and not to go ballistic when they don’t. But I enjoyed the movie. And the popcorn.

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