Happy Birthday, Guppy!

This week my younger son, Guppy, turned 5. He is, as I often tell him, a joy and a wonder. He is strong, sturdy, and independent.

Last summer he rode a bike with training wheels, and this summer we’ll try to take them off, and see what happens.

He learned to read this past year, though he often insists if I ask him what something says, “I can’t _read!_” (like the dog in the Snausages commercial).

He went through a “tagging” phase recently, where he wrote his name on things all over the house. Including my library book.

I’m often told he has a very cute speaking voice. His Ls and Rs are still a bit unclear; he tends to roll them, and the effect is sweet and funny, especially on names like Star Wars villain General Grievous. Obi-Wan is pronounced Obi-One, and Darth’s second name is Vater, but I’m sure these will be corrected in all good time.

For his birthday, he got a remote-controlled Hail Fire Droid ship with 18 working missiles, that he promptly figured out how to fire. At his older brother Drake. (It sounds more like Hellfire Droid when he says it, and I’m not sure that’s too far off.)

Like Drake (and because of him, I’m sure) Guppy loves comic books (though he insists he doesn’t like going to the comic shop), television, and video games (especially the Star Wars Lego ones). He is often sweet and affectionate, and is generous with his hugs. He is very much looking forward to day camp this summer, and kindergarten in the fall.

And readers, so am I. I love Guppy, but I also love having time apart from Guppy, and I’ll be interested to see how his individuality grows as he moves further out into the world.

This quote is from Gilead, which I re-read this week, and it reminded me very much of the many fleeting moments I’ll look at Guppy (and Drake, and my husband) and feel so very fortunate, or, in the language of Gilead, blessed:

Your existence is a delight to us.

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