What I Am, Is Sick of Spam

Hat tip to Bread and Jam for Frances.

Every time I sign in to my weblog, I have oodles of spam; the Wordpress filters seem particularly inept of late.

7yo Drake, who is looking over my shoulder, (watch what she types, Guppy!), added:

What a piece of work is spam.

!!! My seven year old is making puns on Hamlet. I’m so proud I could burst.

This is actually not (so much) a post to gripe about it, but instead to say thanks to longtime commenters and now friends (virtual or otherwise and not in a particular order): Amy R, Kate F, Weirleader, Steph, Carolyn, Vince, Sarah, Thalia, Jessica, my aunt, my father in law, MFS, Susan P, Inquirer, Camille, and others who I can’t go on to name since I have a boy at each elbow and am no longer at leisure. Many thanks for your ongoing conversations. While this blog is my attempt to practice regular writing, it’s made much more enjoyable and challenging by the discussions and perspectives you bring!

6 Responses to “What I Am, Is Sick of Spam”

  1. Amy Says:

    Right back at’cha.

  2. Grampa Says:

    I thought maybe you were snowed in and forced to eat canned meat.

  3. V Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout. It’s funny: Just today, I stumbled across an e-mail of yours I had saved for your address, and it contained our back-and-forth over “The Road” at the start of last year. And just last week, we were able to continue that in person. Nice.

  4. girldetective Says:

    Thank you three for commenting. I believe I’ve deleted about 30 spams today, including this one:

    You might want to increase your spam filtering, it seems like your blog has a lot of spam comments.

    Grr. If spam had a face, I’d punch it. (Hat tip: Kim Pine of Scott Pilgrim.)

  5. girldetective Says:

    24 comments this morning, only 1 of them real.

  6. girldetective Says:

    25 comments this morning; all bogus.