“Slings and Arrows” Season 1

A Canadian television series now available on DVD, Slings and Arrows was recommended at Mental Multivitamin. My thoughtful husband got it for me immediately, and then (as so often happens) it languished on our shelf, gathering dust.

(Oh, my, has it really be over THREE YEARS since that recommendation, and likely that long it’s been on the shelf?)

Last week we pulled it out, and went through the first season’s 6 episodes in quick succession. It’s about a Shakespeare festival theater in Canada, its struggles to make survive and put on a credible version of Hamlet. Oliver is the fussy director, Ellen is the aging actress, Geoffrey is the former-star-who-had-a-famous-breakdown, and Rachel McAdams plays a likable ingenue. It’s mostly funny, with some tragedy and romance thrown in for good measure. The cast is enormously engaging, as is the play within the show. I look forward to Season 2, which I’m waiting for from the library.

3 Responses to ““Slings and Arrows” Season 1”

  1. cbjames Says:

    I think you’ll enjoy all three seasons. This is one of my favorite “unknown” television shows.

  2. merie Says:

    The second season is my favorite, when they do Macbeth. There is an awesome scene of a 6th grade production!

  3. weirleader Says:

    funny — I, too, became interested after seeing mention on M-MV. I liked it, but my wife did not… (only watched a couple of episodes) and, as I rarely consume media without her, it has been largely ignored.

    However, she and the kids are heading out of town for a few weeks and this might be just the ticket for me to fill the intervening time (because I can’t, of course, watch anything that we generally both consume together)! :-)