La, La, La, La, Losing My Mind…

Sung to the tune of Sesame Streets “The L Song” which is covered by Barenaked Ladies on a CD we have, For the Kids.

Woo. Is anyone else out there feeling that burn of metaphorical friction as we’re whipped through the busy-ness that is high summer? I think the earth is telling us to work, work, work, even if we’re not working the earth.

Swim lessons, day camp, laundry, doctor appts, calls to return, mold in the basement, earwigs, ants, lunches to pack, car in the shop (AGAIN), vegetables to cook before they go bad, weeds to pull, land line not working…

Breathe. And do the next thing. And try not to lose my mind. That is all.

4 Responses to “La, La, La, La, Losing My Mind…”

  1. inquirer Says:

    For the first time since I had kids my summer had been long and languorous and quiet. Guess that is what happens when you move to a place in the middle of the season and don’t meet anyone. School starts two weeks from Thursday and I am sure it will all change. Oh, but the joy I have felt with days full of nothing but my two boys and books and special movies rented and outings that WE want and views of the Rocky Mountains from my back porch. Not to mention that I neglected (forgot?) to give anyone my phone number for weeks.

  2. girldetective Says:

    Oh, that sounds blissful, and like a deserved reward for picking up and moving to a different country. How old are your boys, again? Mine aren’t quite to a place where books satisfy them mostly, and I fret they never will be. They’re in morning swim lessons and afternoon camp for now.

  3. Marsha Says:

    What’s with the earwigs this summer? I don’t remember this many in the house in years past.

  4. girldetective Says:

    I figure the earwigs are a byproduct of the wet long spring we had and the hot hot summer that came after. But they are definitely an increased, unwelcome presence this year, as are ants, which have not been deterred by my homemade ant traps like they were last year.