I made a decision soon after I had my son Drake that I didn’t want us rushing hither and yon on a daily basis to this class or another, no matter how edifying or enjoyable. As I learned quickly, much of the difficulty is getting out the door. Transitions are hard, as is getting dressed, shod, and provisioned. A class or playdate might be fun, but getting ready and getting there rarely is. However, I did make it a priority to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise for both of us except in the most miserable weather. Lately, with winter and advancing pregnancy, I have done this less and less. To my surprise, though, Drake isn’t bored and he isn’t getting cabin fever. Some of the days he’s been happiest have been days we’ve done the least. My husband and I had the flu a few weeks ago, and could do little more than lay about moaning and twitching like zombies. We took turns when Drake demanded attention, but for the most part he played happily on his own and near us. The number of potential activities is growing all the time as Drake gets older–music class, swim class, gymnastics, library storytime, art class, playdates, outings, and more. I try to quell the voice inside that worries that I’m depriving him by not exposing him to things he would enjoy. But I think it works out pretty well to do a little at a time–at most one class-type thing with me a week and one with my husband. This may be even more important for some one-on-one time with Drake once his little brother arrives.

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