2006: New Year, New Challenges

I hope to do a recap of the 2005 book and movie challenges. I think they were a resounding success–I read 104 books and watched 59 movies. This year will bring new challenges; I’m not sure how I’ll be able to read and watch once I’m caring for both a two year old and a newborn. Instead of number goals this year, I want the great majority of whatever I read or watch to be something I already own. I worked in a used bookstore a few years ago, and still have a huge number of books I bought there that I haven’t read. Additionally, our Tivo is packed with films, and our cabinets with DVDs purchased back in the days of dual incomes, all unwatched. Last year I became expert at my library’s online hold system for books, movies, and music. This year, I’d like to restrain myself from throwing any book or movie I read about that catches my fancy on my request list. Especially with movies, I won’t eschew the library completely, but I would like to limit it to a small percentage (10%, perhaps?) of what I could be reading or watching that is currently lying fallow at home.

4 Responses to “2006: New Year, New Challenges”

  1. duff. Says:

    yes i’m eagerly waiting on your “best ofs”. :)

  2. Theresa Says:

    amen to using what you have. More often than not I find myself with books in my hand at Borders while at home there is a teetering stack on the bedside table.

  3. Nopenname Says:

    I’ve found, being a SAHM, of a two year old and a newborn (born Christmas eve) that it’s not quite the catastrophe as everyone was predicting it would be. They have such different needs. The older one wants fruit snacks and to watch Cinderella, and play with blocks and her Little people doll house (AND bonus! She can ask to do just that), and the little one she just wants fed, changed, and to be lulled to sleep. Granted all babies are different of course.

    I’m finding lots more time to keep my house up and do things I want to than I was told I would.

  4. girldetective Says:

    So cautious optimism isn’t uncalled for? That’s good to know.

    So far doing well on the movies on TIVO, but not so good on books.Updates soon. Duff, hope you liked the recap!