In Pursuit of Warm Ears


I’ve been riding my bicycle a lot more this year, well into this year’s glorious fall. After one long ride, I had very cold ears and hands. I wondered if it was time to suck it up and buy some cycling gloves. Then I put on a pair of fleece ones, and they worked fine. Purchase avoided.

But my ears were still cold. My husband, who bike commutes in cold weather, wears this stretchy black hood under his helmet during the winter. While it’s practical, it’s just not cute. In pursuit of cute, I took one of my scarves, put it over the head and ears and around the neck. It fit nicely under my helmet, I held it closed with a vintage sparkly pin and then did my cold-weather ride. And returned home with warm ears. Not sure this’ll work when it gets below 20F, but another bike gear purchase avoided utilizing existing resources. Woo!

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