“Gilgamesh the Hero” by Geraldine McCaughrean

I got Gilgamesh the Hero by Geraldine McCaughrean and illustrated by David Parkins, from the library for my 8yo son Drake’s school project on Mesopotamia. He read it when we did the project*, and I just got around to reading it.

McCaghrean’s version is good, accessible, and I enjoyed Parkins’ art. It reminds me of the D’Aulaire mythology books. I think I would have really enjoyed this as a kid. We used The Gilgamesh Trilogy picture books by Ludmila Zeman for the project, and liked those a lot. This one is for slightly older kids. I’m working my way up to a grown up version. Heh.

*I could have sworn I posted this on the blog, but apparently not. We made a Lego video of some of the Gilgamesh stories. I doubt you will see a cuter version of the Gilgamesh epic.

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