Shelf Discovery Readalong: Homework!

Just kidding. My mantra for this readalong is, if it’s fun and easy, read along, or comment. If it’s not, don’t.

Anyhoo, we’ll be discussing Chapter 7 this coming Monday 7/23/12, “She Comes by It Supernaturally: Girls Who Are Gifted and Talented”

This was one of a few chapters (along with chapter 5 and 10) that I’d read all the books in. I was a big Lois Duncan and Richard Peck fan. Next week we’ll be discussing these books. I’d love it if you read one and come to participate in our online discussion!

Jane-Emily by Clapp, Patricia
A Gift of Magic by Duncan, Lois
Stranger with my Face by Duncan, Lois
Down a Dark Hall by Duncan, Lois
Hangin’ Out with Cici by Pascal, Francine
Ghosts I Have Been by Peck, Richard
Girl with the Silver Eyes by Roberts, Willo Davis

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