Vote for your Top YA Books

Over at NPR’s Monkey See blog, they’re having a poll for your top 10 YA books. I’m not nearly as well versed in the genre as I used to be, but still had a hard time narrowing it to 10. I felt they did still include many that I consider more kid than YA (Treasure Island) and had a LOT of more recent ones. (Whither art thou, Lois Duncan?) Nonetheless, an intriguing list of candidates:

Vote for your favorite YA books.

5 Responses to “Vote for your Top YA Books”

  1. Ritalee Says:

    I hardly read any of these when I was a YA, except for Hinton, Cormier, Salinger and Zindel, whom I didn’t see on the list. I liked westerns and Harlequin romances. And embarrassingly, Erma Bombeck.

  2. girldetective Says:

    Ritalee, I liked Erma Bombeck, too! You sound like you were reading from a grandmother’s library, perhaps?

  3. Amy Says:

    That list is immediately suspect to me, as it includes Go Ask Alice.

  4. girldetective Says:

    I can no longer access the list, since I voted, but I agree–like any list, it has some groaners and WTFs on it. Given some of the things on here, it’s hard to see why Are You There God was left off and others made the cut.

  5. Ritalee Says:

    Erma belonged to my mom. It’s funny now to think of reading whatever was in the house — Reader’s Digest condensed books, maps, Family Circle, the Bible!