Marking a Few Milestones

Welcome to the first week of September, which is my kids’ second week of school, and I am now back in the (writing) saddle, and almost weeping with joy at the long stretches of peace and quiet.

I am frequently asked how my summer was. My response: hot and busy, but not in the naughty way. Shuttling children to and fro, mediating fights, doling out consequences. Thus, I didn’t write a lot. I did _read_ a lot, with the Summer of Shelf Discovery and for my book groups.

But it occurred to me sometime recently that some milestones flew by and I forgot to mark them. So

May was my yoga-versary. I’ve been doing yoga for 12 years, and it’s the only exercise I’ve ever been able to keep up with year ’round.

June was my blog-iversary. Yes, Girl Detective turned ten. 10! I always fancied myself a writer, but it wasn’t till I started my blog that I got a regular writing habit.

In August Drake turned 9, and August also marked the 22nd anniversary of my last cigarette.

Turns out, I’ve been a non-smoker, yogi, writer and mom for a long time now. And no, it’s doesn’t feel like it’s gone by fast. It’s been a day at a time that I’ve accrued these newer and different aspects of myself.

One Response to “Marking a Few Milestones”

  1. Holly Says:

    Congrats on your blogiversary and especially on your non-smokiversary! A testimony to the power of habit…