Guppy’s First Lost Tooth

Both my boys are slow to lose baby teeth which is fine by me. Let them keep building their brushing skills on the baby teeth to give their grown-up teeth a better chance at fewer cavities.

6yo Guppy’s tooth had been loose for a while. Earlier in the week, he said he pushed it forward with his tongue in his school picture, so it will be immortalized.

Yesterday at the bus stop, I’m chatting with the other parents (we have 11 kids at our bus stop from 7 families) when I heard the cry go up from the kids:

“Guppy lost a tooth!”

Guppy appeared in front of me, lip quivering.

“Because Drake punched me in the face.”

I hugged him close (perhaps not only in sympathy, if you know what I mean), then checked for blood, which was minimal. I was relieved, since I didn’t have tissues and the bus was pulling up.

Alas, the tooth was missing, and the sidewalk was effective camouflage. I didn’t find the tooth, but another dad did, so I ran on the bus before it pulled away to assure Guppy that we’d found it.

9yo Drake maintains he didn’t PUNCH Guppy in the face, but merely scraped his hand down the front of it which ended up popping the already loose tooth out.

This morning, Guppy found $2 under his pillow. (We’re long past the Tooth Fairy here.)

“I guess you get an extra dollar when your tooth is punched out of you,” I told him.

“I didn’t punch him!” yelled Drake.

I don’t think he recognizes that describing it the other way tells the story more effectively, if not more precisely.

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