So, What Did You Do Last Weekend?


I went to the Half-Price books Clearance Event in the grandstand at the State Fairgrounds and got a whopping two hours to cruise up and down the boxes of children’s books. Interestingly, 2 hours was not enough time. For just children’s chapter books. There were THAT many books. Also, my knees and thighs were sore the next day from the constant knee bends of looking through the box atop the table, then below it. Up, down, up, down for two hours. Ouch. Yes, used book shopping made my muscles sore; I’m THAT out of shape.

In my defense, about a third of these are for Drake and Guppy. But oh, last summer’s Shelf Discovery Readalong has made me a junkie for old YA MMPBs (i.e., Young Adult Mass Market Paperbacks)

One Response to “So, What Did You Do Last Weekend?”

  1. Buried In Print Says:

    Oh, me too. And the glee is divided; I’m just as pleased to find copies of the ones that I bypassed so often as a girl (I still recognize them immediately) as I am to find copies of the ones that I re-read so faithfully. Having discovered that so many of the books that I diligently avoided as a young reader were actually pretty awesome, I’m particularly keen to fill in the gaps (of both kinds) now. Too bad it was just a weekend event!