Recent Adventures in Movies

My husband and I have been buying far too many Blu rays. Shameful, really. There’s no way we can watch them as fast as we buy them. Like books, our appetite exceeds our capacity.

I lamented that we’d had some duds after doing an enjoyable run of B movies. Then Admission disappointed. Things do seem to be on the upswing, though.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012). Directed by a woman, with a strong woman main character. Too long, but worthwhile.

Blood Simple. The Coen Brothers first movie, and still just so, so good. Part of the Coen Bros Blu ray set I got my husband for his birthday.

Raising Arizona. No sophomore slump for the Coen Brothers here. Interestingly, I’d never had the white hot love for this movie that others did, but I thoroughly enjoyed it this time. “Son, you’ve got a panty on your head.” Hilarious, yet touching.

Harry Potter 5 The Order of the Phoenix. With the boys. Great work by Imelda Taunton and fun to see the kids grow up with each movie. A good enough adaptation of a too-long book.

Looper. Hard to follow because of its timey-wimey wibbly wobbly-ness. A decent action movie with some great bits and ideas, and a surprise big plot twist toward the end. Joseph Gordon Levitt is great per usual, Bruce Willis is good as a bad guy, Emily Blunt’s American accept is faultless. Some nice nods to Terminator, but that’s still the gold standard of time travel action flicks. My expectations were too high, and I found the movie’s take on time travel hard to follow–it chooses alternate timelines rather than a linear one.

Nobody Else but You. French noir murder mystery. An enjoyable and visually impressive riff on the Marilyn myth.

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