“Who Bombed the Train?” by Judith Yates Borger


Who Bombed the Train? is by my friend Judith Yates Borger, so I am admittedly biased in writing about it. I’m so proud of anyone I know who manages to put in the blood, sweat, and tears on the way to publication. It’s a hard, long process not only to write a book but to follow it through to publication.

This is the third book in the Skeeter Hughes series. You can read the three books in order but each can also stand alone. In this outing, someone bombs the commuter rail and soon after Skeeter is embroiled in the search to find out who did it. The book features a nice cast of possible suspects to keep you involved to the end, and has an interesting character reveal at the end that was both surprising but made perfect sense in context.

Most interestingly for me, it dealt with racism and prejudice against the Somali community, something that is unfortunately timely, and depressingly likely to remain so.

Skeeter is an interesting flawed character, trying to juggle a demanding job in a declining industry, a wobbly marriage and two daughters. It was fun to spend time with her again.

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