“Ulysses” Group Read 2015!


The Ulysses group readalong is happening! Read and tweet from February to Bloomsday (June 16) 2015, and I’ll be blogging about it here.

We’ll tweet with the hashtag #TCUlysses

Twin Cities readers can celebrate when we’re done with a meetup at Anchor Fish and Chips. (I wouldn’t be opposed to weekly meetings there, either, though my cholesterol might.)

2/9/15 Start Ulysses which has 18 parts of various lengths

2/16/15 discuss and tweet sections 1, 2= 32 pp
2/23/15 discuss and tweet sections 3, 4=29 pp
3/2/15 discuss and tweet sections 5, 6=40 pp
3/9/15 discuss and tweet section 7=29pp
3/16/15 discuss and tweet section 8=28pp
3/23/15 discuss and tweet section 9=30pp
3/30 section 10=31 pp
4/6 section 11=31pp
4/13 section 12=45pp
4/20 section 13=31pp
4/27 section 14=37pp

5/4-5/18/15 read, then discuss and tweet section 15 (150 pages in my ed.)

5/25/15 discuss and tweet section 16=44pp

6/1-6/8/15 read then discuss and tweet section 17 (65 pp in my edition)

6/15/15 discuss and tweet section 18=37pp

6/16/15 Bloomsday!

Group meetup and celebration to follow at the Anchor Fish & Chips in NE Minneapolis.

I’ve never even attempted this behemoth–too intimidating. But I’m raring to give it a go, and looking forward to the support of a group while reading!

3 Responses to ““Ulysses” Group Read 2015!”

  1. Janet Says:

    I might do this..but I live i Orange Co, CA, so the fish and chips are out. Dang it. Also, I don’t Tweet. Is that a deal killer?

  2. girldetective Says:

    The more the merrier for group readalongs! I’m trying to make this all access so even if you are far away and don’t tweet, you can read and comment here at the blog, weekly. Same deal for the Sandman readalong in December/January.

  3. heidi Says:

    Janet, Do join in even if far away! Lack of tweets, while not a deal killer, will keep you out of the loop for some of the read-along fun. Recommend joining if only to tweet your Ulysses impressions via #TCUlysses. Though you may not be here for fish & chips, should you complete Ulysses I will send you one of our custom “Book Scouts” #BookScouts badges — because yes, though we may not *need* badges, we do WANT them. ;-)