Hear That Sound?

It’s either the sound of silence, or the sound of me sucking.

I’m feeling a little bitter today. I applied for an annual writing mentorship earlier this spring, one I applied to a few years ago, and heard nothing back. This time, I felt I had a strong manuscript and application. I knew the competition was difficult. I didn’t expect to win, but I knew they recognized many writers in each category. The winners were just announced, though, and I didn’t make the list of four winners, two finalists, or twelve honorable mentions. There were 90 applicants; 18 were recognized. So my writing and manuscript (again, even after much work) weren’t deemed worthy of recognition, and weren’t in the top 20%.

While this is discouraging news, there are two possible responses. One is to take it personally and give up. The other is to humbly admit that I still need to work on my writing, and get to it.

Guess which one I’m picking.

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