Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Wow. That premiere was pretty good, wasn’t it?

A few thoughts. Amanda Peet, with wide eyes and a weird half smile, didn’t exhibit much range, though she did look good in a pretty, Marc Jacobs-y dress. If you took all the lines on Matthew Perry’s forehead, and all the lines on Bradley Whitford’s forehead, and compared them to the suspiciously smooth forehead of Steven Weber, what would you have? Matthew Perry did a great job of not ever acting like Chandler Bing. He did not, though, act as if he were hopped up on painkillers, or move as if he had recently had back surgery.

While I liked the premiere, I refuse to get excited about this show. I remember how much I liked the premiere of The West Wing, and how quickly it degenerated into mawkishness. Studio 60 reminded me pleasantly of Sports Night, Sorkin’s first television show, which was also about television.

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