News to Me

Though 3yo Drake is not napping anymore, I still follow the routine and he goes into his room for quiet time. Drake’s version of quiet time involves yelling “mom” repeatedly into the monitor, kicking the wall, and hollering the ABCs while stomping along on the floor. Unsurprisingly, this ruckus often wakes baby Guppy, and any semblance of a break for me is brought to an abrupt end.

We’ve had a rough couple weeks with many night wakings (croup and nightmares), so patience is low and tension is high. Last week during lunch, I urged Drew to finish eating so we could go up for quiet time.

“NO!” he yelled.

“But Drake,” I responded, in what I hoped was a calming voice, “quiet time is our friend.”

“NO!” he yelled again, then continued. “QUIET TIME IS _NOT_ A FRIEND. IT. DOESN’T. HAVE. A. FACE.”

I paused and stifled a laugh. “I see. Do friends have faces?”

“Yes,” he said in a normal tone, nodding for emphasis.

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