Spectacularly Failing My Book Vow

Well, I must admit, I’m full of it. For all my passionate protest that I was going to limit my library request queue and instead read books on the shelf, I have one library book (One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson, so I’d like to re-read Case Histories, which I read from the library and then bought because I loved) at home, another in at the library that I AM going to pick up and read (Special Topics in Calamity Physics, because I don’t want to miss all the discussion, and everyone’s reading it), plus I’m going to see Isabel Allende, so I got one of her books from the library and bought her newest from Target because it was on sale. A friend just lent me a book. Plus there’s Siblings Without Rivalry, that I got from the library since Drake has finally figured out that whomping on Guppy bothers G. Grod and me, or Dickens A Christmas Carol, which my book group is reading for December.

I’m full of it because I’m (mostly) unrepentant. I’m going to read my library books. More damning, I went to my queue, intending to delete all forthcoming books, but I could only delete one. I found myself incapable of deleting The Thirteenth Tale, since I’ve read that it’s such fun, and I’m 25th on the list. I also didn’t delete Mockingbird, since I just finished To Kill a Mockingbird, and want to know more.

So that’s ten books, none of which are shelf sitters. Worse, there are only six weeks left in the year, and my reading rate has slowed considerably with fall tv and changes in Guppy’s nursing patterns. I may not get to a shelf book till well into the new year.

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